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I just want to thank Ilene Greinsky for her supreme attention and devotion to helping us out with a friend at a time when we were at wit’s end. Ilene was always reachable, extremely responsible and attentive to not only the patient’s needs but to her support system as well and got us amazing results! Thank you Ilene again and again!

- Aviva, Long Island

Ilene was a life saver!  She helped us negotiate the system so we were able to get a friend into a really good place.  We are forever grateful.

- Mary, Manhattan

Sunday - June 12, 2022

Those of us who have been looking after Hannah's well-being owe you an enormous debt of gratitude. At a time of critical need, Hannah's physician recommended that we retain you to help coordinate the steps necessary to ensure that she receive appropriate care.

You demonstrated sensitivity, responsiveness, and effectiveness in evaluating the situation and outlining what had to be done to have Hannah prided appropriate care.  Your experienced hand helped guide the application process which paved the way for Hanna being accepted by Mary Manning Wash. You helped coordinate meetings with the staff and arranged to accompany Hannah to doctor visits.  You met with Hannah personally and because of the way you conducted yourself, Hanna grew to like and trust you.

We thank you again for your professionalism and courtesy and are prepared to enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone who requires them

- Diane

“Ilene Greinsky was recommended to me when it was clear that my Mom, who nurtured five daughters, could no longer live independently. Our family could never have mastered the complex route of securing Long Term Care, in a home setting, without her expertise. Most of all, she displayed her knowledge in a clear, compassionate and responsive manner. We will never forget you Ilene.”

-Marion K.

“Ilene is amazing. Not only is she prompt, she's responsive. Her communication throughout the entire process was top-notch. Her professionalism is beyond compare. She is compassionate to your family's needs but yet assertive and aggressive in the process to get her work done in a timely manner. I highly recommend her services.”

-Jennifer Fasano-Capra

“Ilene was nurturing, compassionate and caring in helping my mother get long term care. She explained the whole process and answered any question we had with patience. There was never a time she was not available. She was a great advocate from start to the end when she got an acceptance letter. If you need an advocate, Ilene is the go to. Thank you Ilene for all your help, couldn't do it without you.”

-Irene Caughey

“Ilene was instrumental in helping my mother get long term care. She was always there to answer questions I may have had. Thank you for your expertise.”

-Millicent Arrindell

“Eileen was very instrumental in setting my mother up with Medicaid. Very knowledgeable about process, would highly recommend”

-Robert Dugo

“Ilene Greinsky was a Godsend for my family this year. She truly cares for elderly people as well as the Family members that are dealing with difficult decisions. Ilene was so helpful in suggesting that both of my elderly parents apply for Medicaid while at the time we were just thinking of having my father apply.  Through her guidance both of my parents were accepted.  I cannot recommend Ilene enough to anyone who is dealing with Elderly parents and the tough decisions that need to be made. She possesses a calming, caring and reassuring presence and her expertise made the process seamless.  Thank you Ilene for the work that you do!”

— Mary Cooney, Queens, NY

“ I just wanted to reach out and thank IIene Greinsky for helping me with my brother Michael Rizzo. She was very compassionate and caring as we went through the process. I would definitely recommended her.”

— Paula Noia

“Ilene has been an invaluable resource for information and action to help my Long Term Managed Care clients. She get’s it all done from applying for Medicaid Home Care benefits to selecting the right MLTC (Medical Long Term Care Program) to supervising the selection and services of the aides. She even got the local pharmacy to pour the meds allowing the client to use a companion when he wasn’t entitled to skilled nursing services. My clients are happier and healthier because of Ms. Greinsky’s wonderful services. ”

— Caryn Isaacs, Patient Advocate for the 5 Boroughs

“At the age of 101, my mom was healthy, active in several community organizations and extremely independent. She had successfully managed to live alone in her private home for 30 years after my father died in 1984. She enjoyed her independence and was in full charge of her daily activities.

All that changed in July 2014 when she fell and fractured her hip. After successful hip-replacement surgery, she returned home, but required full-time medical assistance and nursing care. Our family had many concerns and questions about how we could get extended medical benefits and the care she would need, but all of those problems were solved when we retained the services of Eldercare Resources.

Capitalizing on the the professional guidance and attention to detail of consultant Ilene Greinsky, we were able to get full Medicaid coverage for mom, establish a pool trust and get all the services we would need to assure that she had the best post-operative care. The challenge of dealing with the financial and emotional pressures that can develop when caring for a loved was certainly a lot easier because of our relationship with Eldercare Resources.

After celebrating her 102nd birthday in February 2015,
mom’s health began to fail because of natural causes, but we were confident that she was still getting the best of care and as comfortable as she could be in her own home, especially in the last few months before she died in June 2015.

Our family will always be grateful to Ilene Greinsky for her professional assistance, compassion and constant support in our time of need. I would hope that any other family in a similar situation would be as fortunate as were were to have Ilene Greinsky and Eldercare Resources working with us to make the best of a very difficult situation.”

— Larry Anderson, Staten Island

“The service was very helpful. The Elder-Care Consultant was our hand holder and led us through the hurdles of getting my mom on Medicaid, doing a pool trust and admitted to a Medicaid Long term Care Program so she receives the appropriate health and supervisory services in the community and still be in her own home.”

— C.V. Staten Island

“This is not a paid testimonial! This testimonial is a thank you to Ms. Ilene Greinsky, Elder-Care Consultant for Elder-Care Resources Inc., after helping us successfully enroll our aging parents in a Community Pool Trust and Long Term Care Service.

Our journey began about two years ago, when we decided to care for our aging parents. We initiated the Community Pool Trust procedure with another eldercare consultant. Hence forth, the myriad of regulations and prerequisites proved to be frustrating leading us nowhere. It was not until our son read an article in the Staten Island Advance about Ms. Greinsky (Guardian Angel), we spoke and retained her the very same day. We were then able to navigate through the process without a hitch and understanding it all.

Ms. Greinsky has several college degrees to go along with her many years of experience in the medical and elder care field. She also brings with her the intangibles, compassion, patience and understanding. Ms. Greinsky realizes the stress and pressures of caring for the aging. She is willing to listen while you explain the struggles you deal with on a daily basis. She takes this all into account when she patiently walks you through the process, and it is arduous.

Ms. Greinsky is always professional, punctual and clear in her presentation and respectful. The paperwork involved in the Community Pool Trust is overwhelming, most of the time, but she sits with you, dots the “i’s” and crosses the “t’s” until the work is done. She will literally walk the paperwork to each agency, you almost never have to leave your home to do any of it. She is available to meet with you and the respective individuals in your home irrespective of how long these meetings may take. Ms. Greinsky not only assisted us with the Community Pool Trust, but went beyond and offered us other services we may be eligible for. Finally, her fee for service, in comparison to other providers, is reasonable.”

— E.R. Staten Island

“Ms. Greinsky was invaluable to me in sorting through the Medicaid bureaucracy.”

— Chris Santoro, New York

“Our mother was hospitalized for a long period and we were in a quandary as to how to care for her i.e., rehab, hospice, home care. We were fortunate to secure the services of Eldercare Resources and in particular Ilene Greinsky.
Ilene was fully aware of benefits our mother was entitled to and set up meetings with pertinent agencies. She attended meetings with us and represented our mother professionally. Without her help and guidance we would have been lost.
Unfortunately our mother passed, but we are thankful for Ilene and in knowing everything that could be done for our mother was done. We highly and gladly recommend Ilene to anyone in this situation.”

— Patricia Fitzgerald, Elaine Polvere

“I write to express my profound thanks and appreciation for the most professional and caring way you worked with and helped Thelma Gelman. I am sure that you recall that Thelma was quite elderly and very much in need of someone to help her navigate the confusing and myriad systems that confront the elderly. Your help went way beyond just the professional. You gave Thelma your heart and your friendship. She was so thankful to you for all that you did. As Thelma’s rabbi, I remain in awe of all that you did for her. No task seemed to slow you down. Everything you undertook worked out just as you said it would. There are few things, and even fewer people, who can so consistently deliver on their promises as you did. I can not thank you enough, and know that I shall always recommend you to families who need the help that you provide.”

— Rabbi Jeffrey Rappoport, Emeritus Jewish Center of Oak Hills

"Ilene Greinsky was a pleasure to work with. She was very knowledgeable n did a great job helping us with my mom. I would highly recommend her if you need someone to help you with someone in your family. Thanks so much Ilene."


                                                                                                               — M. Esposito

"I cannot say enough good things about Illene. She was with us from the beginning when my mom became ill and could no longer care independently care for herself. Without her expertise, compassion and dedication we would have never been able to navigate the labyrinth of Medicaid. Ilene was with us every step of the way in the application process and Medicaid assessments for mom and she secured the home care my mom needed. Beyond this, she was always there for us. Any question or issue we had, no matter how small, she was immediately responsive and always went above and beyond to assist us at every point in the process. This is not just a business for her. She treated us like family. I am so grateful that we were recommended to her and would advise anyone considering or in need of her expertise that you will be in the most capable and caring hands."

                                                                                                               — Michael Veras

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