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New York State Medicaid Resource Amount has remained the same. For an individual applying for NYS Medicaid you are allowed $16,800 in resources. NYS Medicaid allowable income as of January 1st, 2022 will change to $1,563.00. If one has this amount or less you DO-NOT have to do a Medicaid Not for Profit Pooled Trust. If you have over this amount you will need to do a Medicaid Not for Profit Pooled Trust.
If you apply for NYS Community Medicaid possibly after March 1st , 2023 or later, it may be a 2.5 year look This relates to all your financial resources.
The NYS Medicaid Waiver Programs after assessing the chronically ill can offer the Consumer 24 hours daily IF they score high enough for these hours and days.

Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips: 

  1. Keep an eye on the medication and make sure they are taking the prescribed amount.

  2. Make sure your loved ones are wearing clean clothing.

  3. Check the refrigerator when visiting and make sure the food isn't spoiled

  4. Develop a relationship with your loved one's Care Manager if they are enrolled in a Medicaid Long Term Care Program or another program similar to the one described.

  5. If you are re-certifying for Community Medicaid, save all pharmaceutical receipts and medical bills you may have paid for. You can submit this information to Medicaid and reduce your Medicaid monthly surplus if you have one. In addition, if you need an additional home care hours from a reputable home-care agency, save all statements and include the statements in the next annual Medicaid recertification.

Giving Help
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